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Band Leaders

  • Aaron Appelbaum
  • Jonathan Rimberg
  • Jeff Braverman
  • Gershon Veroba
  • Yankey Goldenthal
  • Chaim Dovid Berson
  • Mo Kiss
  • Shlomi Daskal
  • Yitzy Spinner
  • Meir Sherman
  • Paul Errico
  • Psachye Septimus
  • Jonathan Hanser
  • Rick Briskin
  • Mike Delcioppo
  • Dave Scott


  • Shuli Waldner
  • Shloime Kaufman
  • Yonatan Schlagbaum
  • Dovid Gabbay
  • Yumi Lowy
  • Simcha Leiner
  • Avi Perets
  • Uri Bitan
  • Lior Adaki
  • Yossi Bayles
  • Danny Flam
  • Ron Bertolet
  • Tony Gorruso
  • Jack Bashkow
  • Avner Levy
  • Ofer Assaf
  • Tony Montalbo
  • Mark Infield
  • Michael Hinton
  • Shmuel Ziegler
  • Yan Sikorevich
  • Spencer MacLeish
  • Amir Cohen
  • Tom Timko
  • Gilad Dobrecky
  • Glenn Franke
  • Norbert Goldberg
  • Rob Taube
  • Steven Gluzband
  • Robin Ross
  • Sandra Schipior
  • Tzvi Silberstein
  • George Hooks
  • Carl Schickler
  • Gal Gershovski
  • Mike Coon

Aaron Appelbaum

For over twenty-five years, Aaron Appelbaum has been orchestrating musical magic, planning events and concerts to perfection with signature personalized service and a rich repertoire that has become his hallmark. You'd think that the congenial owner of Nafshenu Orchestra would be content to rest on his laurels, but Aaron is clearly a man with a mission. Mention Aaron's name to colleagues and clients alike, and you are sure to elicit unabashed praise. In addition to being a gifted musician with a keen business acumen, Aaron is the personification of a true "mentsch." With a flawless record and a well-deserved sterling reputation for creating celebrations with style, he catapulted Neshoma Orchestra to success in his dual capacities as partner and Director of Sales. In his thirteen years with Neshoma, Aaron earned his clients' implicit trust with his integrity and honesty. Aaron is proud of the large number of multi-generational clients who are part of his impressive roster. It is a tribute that he bears with pride. Now, the legacy continues. For Aaron, assuming the helm at Nafshenu Orchestra represents a new and exciting concept in outstanding Jewish entertainment. Internationally acclaimed, Aaron has performed throughout Israel, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Alaska alongside such world-renown artists as Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Lipa Shmeltzer, Shlomo Carlebach, Dudu Fisher, Yoel Sharabi and Jo Amar, as well as many other well-known artists. Planning your upcoming event with Aaron Appelbaum, you will feel as if you are working with a trusted family member who genuinely wants to be a part of your celebration, but with a distinct difference: Aaron brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the music industry and how to customize it to fit your particular needs. Uncompromising in his commitment to complete customer satisfaction, Aaron has met with virtually every client throughout his thirteen years with Neshoma, and worked closely with them from the initial consultation through the actual celebration. Such is the unsurpassed service that has made him the standard bearer of excellence in the industry. This is precisely why Aaron has become the orchestra leader of choice for clients with impeccable taste who appreciate the uniqueness of blending beautiful music into a refined presentation. This longstanding tradition of excellence is what Aaron brings to Nafshenu Orchestra. In his over twenty-five years in the music industry as performer, musician, record producer of the highly successful Destiny albums and as a businessman, Aaron has perfected the art of beautiful music. You can be confident that Aaron Appelbaum will masterfully coordinate every aspect of your event to reflect your wishes and style. Aaron is personally looking forward to being a part of your next event.